‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Michael Baltimore Nabbed After Making U.S. Marshals’ Top 15 Most Wanted

Baltimore had opened fire at the barber shop he had worked at while on the show

Megan Ashley


Michael Anthony Baltimore (Source)

It was in 2021 when Michael Anthony Baltimore was added to the US Marshal’s Top 15 Most Wanted list. Baltimore had previously been on the reality TV show ’90 Day Fiance’, where he was featured working as a barber at the GQ Barbershop in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Even featured on the show were his coworkers and boss, long-time friend and mentor Kendall Jerome Cook.

After the show had aired, however, Baltimore and Cook had a falling out, and on May 22, 2021, Baltimore went into the barber shop and opened fire. Killing Cook and injuring another employee at the shop.

Baltimore then fled, and the surviving victim had been able to identify Baltimore as the shooter positively.

Baltimore was wanted on charges of assault, homicide, and parole violations. He had an extensive criminal history that went back to the 90s and, while on the run, was considered armed and dangerous.

It was later announced that there was a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. Still, it wasn’t needed because six months after that announcement, Baltimore went into a restaurant in Davie, Florida, and started a physical altercation with another patron there. In the restaurant, an employee trying to break up the fight got hit in the face with the back of a knife, and the suspect fled, claiming to be retrieving a gun. It was then that law enforcement was called.

Baltimore fled but was later arrested on January 20, 2023. Upon his arrest, he was fingerprinted, and it was then that Davie police realized that they had a wanted fugitive in their custody. Baltimore had attempted to give officers a fake name. Also in his possession were drugs, a handgun, and three fake IDs.

Michael Anthony Baltimore is being held in Florida, where he faces his charges there, and it is likely he will be extradited to Pennsylvania to face the murder charges there as well.

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