The child went missing while playing near his home in 1988 and the cold case was solved in 2021 using new DNA technologies

Joshua Harmon (image courtesy of Roswell Police Department)

On May 15, 1988, Eight-year-old Joshua Harmon was playing in the woods behind the Roswell, Georgia, apartment complex. He was still exploring the area. The family had only moved in three weeks ago. It was a warm evening, and many children were playing in the area. …

What if the internet at large is doxing an innocent man?

Sketch of the Zodiac Killer (image courtesy of the San Francisco Police Department)

As much as I would like the Zodiac Killer to be identified, I think it is irresponsible to jump to conclusions.

Publishing names, photos (TMZ even published medical records) of a person before they are, without a shadow of a doubt, identified by law enforcement as the perpetrator in a…

Nine months pregnant, Reyna had been beaten to death and hidden in a barrel, then stored in a crawlspace for over thirty years.

Reyna Marroquin (image courtesy of

On September 2, 1999, Ronald Cohen and his family were moving out of their home at 67 Forest Drive in Jericho, Long Island. This included completing some final requests for the next owner: Hamid Tafaghodi. The main task was the removal of a fifty-five-gallon oil barrel that was tucked away…

It is believed that her husband is responsible for her disappearance

Sandra Matott (image provided by the Salt Lake City Police Department)

On July 18th, 1979, Warren Matott called the Salt Lake City Police Department to report his wife as a missing person.

It had been eight days since thirty-seven-year-old Sandra Mattot was last seen at a bar in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was wearing a digital watch and a ring…

Gregory could have survived his injuries, but the woman who hit him hid his body in her garage and he slowly bled out from his extensive injuries

Gregory Biggs (image provided by Celia Foster)

On October 26, 2001, in Fort Worth, Texas, around 3 AM, twenty-five-year-old Chante Jawan Mallard was driving home from a nightclub. Mallard should not have been behind the wheel. At the party, she had been drinking heavily and partaking in both cannabis and ecstasy. Mallard was less than a mile…

Noela Rukundo learned of her husband’s plans when her kidnappers decided to let her go instead

The couple at their wedding (image provided by Noela Rukundo)

In 2004, Noela Rukundo emigrated from Burundi, East Africa, to Melbourne, Australia as a refugee to start a new life with her five children. During her emigration, she met a fellow Congolese refugee named Balenga Kalala. …

Over a decades-long span, Kakehi targetted wealthy, elderly men and poisoned them for their life insurance money

Chisako Kakehi (image courtesy of Twitter)

In late 2013, seventy-five-year-old Isao Kakehi and sixty-seven-year-old Chisako Kakehi were at the altar exchanging vows. Both were Japanese seniors who had been married before — this was Isao’s second marriage and Kakehi’s fourth. They had met on a matchmaking website and married soon after. …

The young teen was bullied relentlessly and was brutally murdered at a party by eight classmates

Reena Virk (Source)

Reena Virk was born in Saanich, British Columbia, Canada, on March 10th, 1983. Her mother, Suman, was from an Indo-Canadian family, and her father, Manjit, was an Indian immigrant. …

Tara went for a bike ride in 1988 and disappeared without a trace

Tara Calico (image courtesy of the FBI)

The Beginning

Tara Leigh Calico was born on February 28, 1969, in New Mexico to parents David and Patti Calico. Tara had five siblings, and her parents separated when she was little. …

With the help of police officers, Ramon Sosa staged his own murder

Ramon Sosa and Lulu Dorantes (image courtesy of Ramon Sosa)

Ramon Sosa was a fighter from a young age. Originally from Carolina, Puerto Rico, he grew up boxing with his father and dreamed of making it big. When he was young, he moved to Houston, Texas, but returned to Puerto Rico at seventeen to become a professional boxer. …

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