Capture in Detroit: Canada’s Most Wanted Fugitive Malique Calloo Arrested

Key suspect in 2022 Daniel Squalls drive-by shooting finally apprehended

Megan Ashley


Malique Calloo (Source)

On July 23, 2023, one of Canada’s Most Wanted fugitives was located and arrested in a Detroit, Michigan suburb. In a coordinated arrest, Malique Calloo was extradited back to Windsor, Ontario, in connection to the 2022 drive-by shooting that killed twenty-four-year-old Daniel Squalls.

Malique Calloo was a semi-professional basketball player. He played on the junior teams but never made it to the NBA, unlike his brother, Maurice Calloo. At the time of the murder, Malique was twenty-six years old.

Calloo was on the run for nine months. Video surveillance had placed him at the scene of the crime. Calloo had also been on release for another violent crime, which Windsor Police have stated is another reason to keep violent offenders in custody while awaiting further court proceedings.

He had been added to the Canadian Be on the Lookout (BOLO) program’s Top 25 most wanted fugitives. In his time on the run, there had been a $6000 reward for information leading to an arrest, and it is unclear if it was a tip that located him.

Daniel Squalls’ mother, Tylina, said of the arrest: “I shouted, I jumped, I cried. I am just so excited now. Daniel’s finally going to get justice.” It appears that the shooting had been prompted by a custody disagreement. Daniel Squall was with a woman and his daughter, and the woman also had a child with Calloo. The family had recently informed Calloo of their relocating to the US, but because of Calloo’s criminal history, he wouldn’t be able to see his child freely.

The lead detective on the case, Staff Sgt. Joe Faddoul said that in addition to the surveillance footage, there is forensic evidence that directly ties Calloo to the crime scene. He also stated that he may seek additional charges for anyone who aided Calloo while he was on the run.

“There is no doubt in my mind that people have helped him evade capture for nine months. This could not have been done by himself. We will continue this investigation into anybody that assisted Mr. Calloo in any sort of way to avoid capture.”

The gun used in the murder was not found at the time of the arrest.

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