Colorado Dentist Jim Craig Charged with Shocking Murder: He Poisoned His Wife

Angela Craig, the mother of six, died after spending days in the hospital

Megan Ashley


Angela and James Craig (Source)

It was on March 18, 2023, when the mother of six, Angela Craig, in Denver, Colorado, was pronounced brain dead at 4:29 PM, but what was the cause? Angela had been completely healthy when she was suddenly plagued with a mysterious illness, and it had started a course of debilitating illness, ultimately causing her organs to start shut down. It mystified doctors.

It had been only a few days prior, on March 5, when forty-three-year-old Angela returned home after a trip to Utah to visit her sister. On the morning of March 6, Angela messaged her husband, forty-five-year-old James Craig, after not feeling well. They started talking about the protein shake that he had made for her that morning and that she had asked if James had added more vitamins than she usually took.

She was feeling dizzy, and her head was foggy. She eventually went to the hospital emergency room at Parker Adventist Hospital, but they could not find the cause, and she was sent home the same day.

A few days later, on March 9, she was suffering from a worsening of symptoms. She was dizzy and having a hard time focusing. She had also started vomiting, could not keep medications down, had headaches, and was starting to become extremely dehydrated.

She was admitted again to Parker Adventist Hospital. She was tested for everything they could think of. In text messages between her husband and a friend, they discussed how it was believed that she might have diabetes or an autoimmune disorder, but those tests came back negative. In texts, James wrote to Angela, “Baby I love you so much. I wish I could just stay up 24 seven and be with you. I know it’s lonely and boring and maybe sometimes scary and I just want to be there to support you through all of it.”

During her time in the hospital, James was constantly messaging her wife, asking how she felt, if she was improving, and how much he loved and cared about her and wished her well.

For days, she would not see much, if any, improvement. She would be in the hospital until March 14, when after they could not figure out…