Cracking One Of Canada’s Most High-Profile Cases: Sharron Prior Murder Mystery Resolved Through Genetic Genealogy

Sharron Prior went missing and was discovered in 1975

Megan Ashley


Sharron Prior (Source)

On March 29, 1975, sixteen-year-old Sharron Prior left her home in the Pointe-Saint-Charles neighborhood in Montreal, Quebec.

She left around 7:30 PM, leaving her purse at home. Sharron was meeting a group of friends and her boyfriend at a pizzeria only blocks away but never arrived.

Sharron was a bright and sweet teen. She had a caring and nurturing nature and had a particular affinity towards animals. She had dreams of becoming a veterinarian. She was known to be a kind and warm girl and was a remarkable student with a bright future ahead. The oldest of four siblings, she was an excellent big sister and always set a good example for them.

No one alerted Sharron’s parents when she didn’t show up, as her friends had assumed she had just stayed home. It wasn’t until hours later, when she missed her curfew that Sharron’s parents discovered her disappearance and called law enforcement.

Initially, detectives weren’t concerned and felt Sharron had probably just gone off with friends, but her parents weren’t convinced. Sharron always called home if there was a change in plans and was always home on time. She didn’t have a history of running away, and all her money and bus pass were in her bedroom.

As precious time passed, detectives eventually concluded that Sharron had been abducted, likely in the alleyway on the way to the restaurant. No one saw or heard the abduction. Sharron’s mother, Yvonne, remembered something. She said that Sharron had mentioned that a strange man had been following her when walking home a few evenings before. Sharron had started getting male friends to walk with her home after dark.

Detectives also believed another attack about an hour before Sharron’s disappearance may have been connected.

Blocks away from the alleyway Sharron may have been abducted from, twenty-three-year-old Cheryl Roy was attacked a bit before 7 PM. She was walking alone on her way to the pharmacy to grab diapers for her daughter when she saw a man walking towards her on the other…