Deadly Deception: Judith Nix Shoots Ex-Husband, Stages Scene as Suicide

Judith Nix convicted for ex-husband’s staged death

Megan Ashley


Judith Nix (Source)

On March 21, 2016, just after 9 PM, Judith Nix in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, called 911, saying that she found her ex-husband dead in his room and that it looked like he had killed himself.

Police would arrive at what they believed to be a suicide. Judith would direct them to the master bedroom, but it would quickly become evident that the suicide had been staged.

The victim was sixty-nine-year-old Kenneth Nix, who was born in 1946 in Louisiana, the oldest of six children. In 1966, he married for the first time. He and his first wife had three children and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ultimately, the couple would separate, and shortly after the separation, his first wife committed suicide while on the phone with Ken.

Ken married three more times after that. Hoping to find a good mother figure for his three young kids.

He met Judith in 1984; Judith was divorced and was working as an accountant with two teenage daughters. She had been married once before in the 60s, but it had ended quickly after she had her daughters. She was originally from Texas before moving to Tulsa.

The two got married in Las Vegas in 1985. They shared a house together in Broken Arrow.

Kenneth had a successful Business called Inland Divers Inc. that he had started in 1980. The couple is reported to have been happy for nearly three decades. They both worked Inland Divers; Ken did the tours, and Judith ran the books. They both shared a love for the sport and a passion for the business. However, their marriage would not last.

Keith Nix told Oxygen Media,

“My father raised me and my brother to be on our own and not be dependent on anybody, but Judy coddled her kids and financed her kids any time they had a problem, and that caused turmoil between my father and Judy. Communication between the two was diminishing.”

In January 2011, Kenneth filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences; he reportedly rescinded the case sixteen days later. Then, in August 2011, Judith filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences, and she…