Missing Texas Girl Found: 2002 Abduction Ends in 2014 Mexico Discovery

Sabrina Allen was reunited with her father Greg Allen

Megan Ashley


Sabrina Allen in 2002 left Sabrina 2014 right (Source)

It was in 2002 when Greg Allen’s life changed forever. On the tail of what had been a messy divorce and even messier custody battle for his four-year-old daughter, Sabrina, things had started to look up.

Greg, an engineering scientist, had been granted primary custody, and after months of fighting with his ex-wife, Dara, things had started to get easier. They were falling into a good routine, and the parents were beginning the road to cooperatively co-parenting.

Greg brought Sabrina to her mom on April 19, 2002, for the weekend. It had been agreed that Dara would return Sabrina on Sunday evening, but she never showed up. Greg recalled the last goodbye before the drop-off. Sabrina had looked at him and said, “Daddy, don’t ever forget me.” At the time, he thought it had been a silly little exchange but had turned into an almost sinister warning.

In the early stages of the divorce, Dara had often threatened to take Sabrina away. Dara was from Mexico and had wanted to return there with Sabrina since the beginning. When Greg was granted primary custody, the courts had agreed that Sabrina should stay in Texas.

There had even been several wild attempts to convince the little girl to lie in order to be granted protective orders from Greg. Sabrina had been taken from school once by Child Protective Services, where she allegedly told a social worker, “My daddy hits my mommy. That’s a lie my mommy told me to say.”

Greg called the police two hours after the time of drop-off had passed. He had made several attempts to reach Dara, but all efforts went to voicemail. But by then, it was too late. Dara and Sabrina were long gone.

In addition to the police and Texas Rangers, Greg also hired a private detective. They tracked their whereabouts to the Texas, Mexico border, and they were able to confirm that Dara and Sabrina had purchased bus tickets to Mexico.

Greg alerted all of the missing children agencies and started his own website to generate tips. He also took a leave of absence from his job and went to Mexico City, where he tried to search for his…