Son Finds His Missing Mother Bonnie Haim’s Remains After 21 Years

While renovating his childhood home, he uncovered the dark truth his father had tried to hide.

Megan Ashley


Bonnie, Michael, and Aaron Haim (image courtesy of the Jacksonville Police Department)

On May 20, 1969, in Jacksonville, Florida, Bonnie Lynn Pascuito was born. She grew up as a middle child of six. She was described as having a loving and vibrant personality. She loved surrounding herself with friends and family and loved to laugh.

At sixteen, Bonnie began dating the already graduated Michael Haim. Haim was handsome, charismatic, and very charming. Bonnie’s family loved Michael, and when Michael proposed, her family was ecstatic. The two were married on September 12, 1987, the fall after Bonnie’s eighteenth birthday.

Upon her graduation and wedding, Bonnie started working as a bookkeeper. She worked at Bernie’s Tool and Fastener, a construction supply company owned by Michael’s aunt, Evanne Haim, and uncle, Bernie Haim. Michael worked there as well, as their office manager.

Once Bonnie married Michael, things began to change. Behind closed doors, her charming husband became cantankerous. The two would fight constantly, but Bonnie and Michael had their son Aaron a year into their marriage. Bonnie was described as a devoted mother, her son was everything to her, and she loved him dearly. Aaron always came first, and everyone around Bonnie knew it.

Bonnie was beloved at work. She was witty and quick on her feet. Bonnie was sweet, loving, and genuinely warm to everyone around her. She grew close with Evanne and Bernie, with Evanne considering her niece-in-law her best friend. And when she disclosed to her aunt that she wanted to leave Michael, it came as no surprise to her, and she helped Bonnie make necessary arrangements.

The couple often fought at work, with some altercations turning physical. Evanne recalled watching the two fight in the parking lot, and Michael slammed a car door on Bonnie’s hand. Bonnie returned to work in tears, with a bruised hand and broken nails. Those around the couple knew that their marriage was on the rocks and had been for many years.

The freedoms that Bonnie had expected with adulthood eluded her. Her husband controlled Bonnie in all regards. She worked where he…