Stacey Castor Killed Two Husbands and Tried to Frame Her Daughter

The black widow murderer used antifreeze to kill her victims.

Megan Ashley


It was a Sunday afternoon on August 22, 2005, when a 9–1–1 dispatcher in Syracuse, New York, received a call from a distressed wife. She said that she and her husband had an argument, and he had been drinking heavily and had locked himself in their bedroom the night before. She said she had gone to a friend’s house for the night and went to work that morning but became concerned when he didn’t come into work. Her name was Stacey Castor, and she was the office manager for her husband, David Castor’s air conditioning company.

She said that her husband was no longer communicating with her from the bedroom and asked an officer to do a wellness check. An officer came by, and when he also couldn’t get a response from David, he broke down the door. There they found David lying face down in the bed, deceased. At first glance, it looked to be that David had killed himself.

The officer said that Stacey was shocked and hysterical, but this wasn’t the first time Stacey had lost a husband. In 2000, her first husband, Michael Wallace, had died of a heart attack. At the time of Michael’s death, there was little that stood out to doctors of anything suspicious, but officers thought there might be more to Stacey Castor than a run of bad luck. They decided to take a deeper look into the young twice widow.

A Look Into Stacey’s First Marriage

Stacey met her first husband, Michael, while at a bar in Clay, New York. They met in 1985 when Stacey was only seventeen. Michael, six years older, was described as a kind of wild guy. He loved the fast life of partying, drinking, and having a good time. The two married in 1988 and had their first daughter, Ashley, the same year.

Stacey, Michael, and their daughters (image courtesy of Ashley Wallace)

Michael had a short stint in prison for DUI charges, and he cooled his partying ways when he got out. The couple had their second daughter, Bree, in 1991, and the couple settled into very everyday life. Michael worked at a large commercial air conditioner manufacturer, and Stacey worked in the billing department for an ambulance dispatch company. Money was tight for the family, but they were able to make ends meet.