The Horrific Hit and Run Murder of Gregory Biggs

Gregory could have survived his injuries, but the woman who hit him hid his body in her garage and he slowly bled out from his extensive injuries

Megan Ashley


Gregory Biggs (image provided by Celia Foster)

On October 26, 2001, in Fort Worth, Texas, around 3 AM, twenty-five-year-old Chante Jawan Mallard was driving home from a nightclub. Mallard should not have been behind the wheel. At the party, she had been drinking heavily and partaking in both cannabis and ecstasy. Mallard was less than a mile away from home when she hit a man with her car. The collision was at such a high velocity that the man became embedded in her windshield.

She stopped briefly and attempted to dislodge the man’s body from her car. She knew he was still alive. Chante was a trained nurse’s aide. However, she also knew she was in no position to be behind the wheel, and she was at fault for the collision. Her self-preservation overtook this stranger’s life.

The man was Gregory Biggs, a thirty-seven-year-old man walking alongside the highway before he had been struck. A series of unfortunate events had led to Gregory becoming homeless. Gregory had gotten into a new relationship, and his new girlfriend had fallen on tough times. Gregory loaned her money to help her out. This led to him not making the truck payments, and his truck was required for him to do his work as a self-employed bricklayer. Gregory had his vehicle repossessed, and he lost his house when he was unable to work, making it so he couldn’t afford his medications. Gregory had schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and relied on his medicine to help him live a balanced life.

He had started new work as a bus driver and had been attempting to piece his life back together, but his mental health was made it a challenge for him to keep up with a routine. Shame and embarrassment for his situation led to Gregory losing touch with those closest to him. His son said he lost touch with his father sometime around July 2001.

Back on the highway, Chante gave up trying to get Gregory off her car. When she finally gave up, she drove her Chevrolet Cavalier home, with Gregory still lodged in her windshield. She parked the car in her garage and left Gregory bleeding heavily, conscious, and…