The Search for Elias Monroy: Abducted as a Newborn in 1987, Authorities Still Seek Reunion

The ongoing effort to locate Elias Monroy, taken during a doctor’s visit 36 years ago

Megan Ashley
3 min readSep 15, 2023
Elias Monroy Age Progression (Source)

On Monday, February 2, 1987, Maria Pacheco took her newborn son, Elias Monroy Jr., for a routine check-up at the LA-USC Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Elias was only two weeks old and was born happy and healthy, but it had been a difficult delivery for Maria. Maria was still recovering from the Caesarean section and was experiencing a lot of pain, which was making it difficult to walk and get around.

While in the clinic waiting room, Maria was approached by a woman in her thirties, who said she was also a mother. The two chatted for a bit. Maria thought the woman was friendly and honest, so when Elias started to cry, Maria dug through her diaper bag but realized she didn’t bring enough bottles. The woman offered to hold Elias while she went to look for some formula, and Maria accepted.

Maria had only been gone for minutes when she returned; she noticed the woman and her son were gone.

At first, it was thought that the woman had simply gone to her appointment and taken the newborn with her, but no one matching her description was identified as a…