US Marshal's ‘15 Most Wanted’ Couple Captured in Mexico

Edgar Salvator Casian-Garcia and Araceli Medina are accused of heinous crimes against children

Megan Ashley


Edgar Salvator Casian-Garcia and Araceli Medina (Source)

For two years, thirty-four-year-old Edgar Salvator Casian-Garcia and thirty-eight-year-old Araceli Medina had been on the run after fleeing Washington state.

The couple had been the first fugitive couple to appear on the US Marshal’s 15 Most Wanted list. They were wanted for various crimes relating to child abuse allegations, and it sparked an international manhunt, not just for them but also for their five children. The children were considered endangered.

The situation began to unfold in 2020 when two little girls were discovered abandoned at a gas station in Tijuana, Mexico. The girls, aged eight and three, were taken into child protective custody, but the girls were highly traumatized. It took child welfare experts six months to get the girls to trust them enough to explain what had happened to them.

The girls were sisters and continually asked officials if they had found their seven-year-old brother. The eldest girl eventually revealed their names and the extensive amount of physical and sexual torture used by Edgar Salvator Casian-Garcia and Araceli Medina.

Until recently, the three children had been living with their maternal grandmother. It was who the three kids had always lived with until May 2020, when Casian-Garcia and Medina took custody of them. From there, the girls described the absolute hell that they had been faced with when they lived with the pair. They described being trafficked out to strange people, abused, and just unimaginable horrors.

Law enforcement in Washington located the couple and began to investigate. When officers arrived at the family’s apartment, Casian-Garcia told law enforcement that their son, the boy that the two girls had been desperate for police to find, was staying with relatives in California.

However, the boy was not found, and when law enforcement went back to arrest the couple, they discovered they had fled to Mexico. At the time of their escape, Medina had visitation of her four children from another relationship and her infant son with Casian-Garcia.