Woman Who Used “Rent-A-Hitman.Com” Sentenced

Wendy Lynn Wein tried to hire a hitman to kill her ex-husband

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Wendy Lynn Wein (Source)

It was the summer of 2020 when the Michigan State Police got a peculiar call. A man, Bob Innes, ran a parody website called “Rent-A-Hitman,” and, since its inception, he has gone through the process of reporting people who reached out to him via the website looking to hire a hitman.

Innes said that on July 17, 2020, a woman had reached out to him after filling out a “service request” form from the site. Initially, she had used a pseudonym, but Innes had responded asking for more information, including her real name and other personal information.

The fifty-year-old woman, Wendy Lynn Wein, said she needed a “highly skilled field operative” to help her with an issue regarding her ex-husband: she wanted him dead. Innes forwarded the information to the Michigan State Police, who took over communication with Wein.

“Rent-A-Hitman.Com” was established in 2005

The undercover detective set up two meetings with Wein; at the first meeting, she provided the officer with her ex-husband’s home address, place of employment, and work schedule. She had also agreed to pay the “service fee” of $5,000. During an audio recording submitted to the court as evidence of their meeting, one can hear Wein state, “I want him gone.” She also said she hoped this site was legitimate because she didn’t want to go to jail. At the second meeting, Wein gave the officer a deposit of $200, after which the officer was able to arrest her.

Wein was charged with solicitation of murder and using a computer to commit a crime. She had allegedly wanted her ex-husband dead due to “inappropriate behavior.” Wein pleaded guilty and said that she had been going through a lot when she sought out a hitman. Saying to the courts, “at the time, I was going through so much I couldn’t catch my breath. If I could go back and change that day, I would. I can assure you of this: while I’m away from home, I’m going to do all the therapy and programs I can.”

The judge on the case, Judge Daniel White, said before he made his sentencing decision, “If the intent wasn’t so serious here, this would almost be comical, but it’s not.” Had Wein been successful in her…



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